This song is gut wrenchingly beautiful. I see solitude, failed love, separation, devotion and humanity; I see chillingly honesty and breathtakingly beauty. He is one of the most talented singers and guitarists in 1990s and one of the most under publicized one in my mind. Singer: Jeff Buckley Album: Grace Publish: 1993   Advertisements

What are the things that make a perfect paring? In my mind: icecream after a nice swimming, movie with chocolate mouse cake, a long walk with a banana smoothy. After coming across Turntable Kitchen, my list grows: dinner with original songs? Of course, music and food, best paring ever! A food and music lover couple […]

I spot this exciting music initiative at Sydney: the Sydney beloved marathon event, City2Surf, has offered free music download for everybody. This initiative is not so different from something I wrote in my first blog “London: Free Music to Enhance Airport Express Journey”. In both events, music is used in a creative way to enhance […]

I have done some research on entrepreneurial journalism on the web and came across this really heated phenomenon called micropublishing, in other words, self publishing. Basically after you write something, instead of waiting for response of big publishers (or any publishers), you publish it yourself. It reaches thousands of readers immediately. An experienced self publisher […]

Even though this article is not on a practical business ideas that is happening in the creative industry, it is however reminds me of how art can be so intricately related to everything that seemingly has little to do with art at the first look. All you need to do is to look a little […]

Sounds impossible? Artsicle, an online art renting business in New York is providing the exact service. Established in 2010, the company now houses 2000 original artworks online. For a monthly renting fee of $25, you will get a roughly 5inch by 9inch artworks, which is cheaper than the monthly gym membership in America. Unlike normal […]

Created by Australian artist Wendy Whiteley, this is the place to love, loss and renewal, the same energy you need when you create. There are plants, plants and more plants. Natives, exotics, herbs and towering fig trees run along winding gully paths while parrots, gulls, kookaburras, owls and wagtails chatter amidst the flowers and berries. […]