London: free music to enhance airport express journey

I think everything needs to start with a bit of music. The first post of the blog is devoted to a nice idea which sees creative local music talent to be used in enhancing one of the most travelled railway experiences in UK.

According to Air Rail News, Gatwick Express, the nonstop rail service from London Victoria to Gatwick Airport, has launched Express Tracks: free bespoke music available exclusively to online customers, providing soundtrack to their journey.

Gatwick Express commissioned three recording artists: Philip Sheppard (acclaimed ‘cellist and film composer), Benga (pioneer of dubstep, producer and Radio1 DJ) and The Milk (exciting break-through UK band) to record their interpretation of the 30 minute journey through the different landscapes from the city to the airport.

Customers will be able to download a track free only when they buy their tickets online. Once downloaded the customer can then transfer the track to their mobile device, put on their headphones and simply press play as the train leaves Victoria Station. The music provides a dynamic soundtrack to the changing landscape.

Chalkboard thinks one of the key elements to make this project successful is to find the transportation company which is keen on enhancing customers experience and want to differentiate themselves by offering innovative travel experience. Music entrepreneurs around the world, there got to be some transport companies like this out there, right?


Spotted first at the Springwise


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