America: Enjoying a piece of original artwork at home is cheaper than gym membership?

Sounds impossible? Artsicle, an online art renting business in New York is providing the exact service. Established in 2010, the company now houses 2000 original artworks online.

For a monthly renting fee of $25, you will get a roughly 5inch by 9inch artworks, which is cheaper than the monthly gym membership in America. Unlike normal sales gimmick: the actual offer matches that cheap price is very limited. $25 category at Artsicle actually has the most artworks than other categories. There are almost a thousands of artworks to choose from for $25 a month. The most expensive rent is $65 a month. You will get a 24inch by 36inch work out of that. If you like what you rent, you can also buy it and get credited for 50% of the amount you spent renting it beforehand.

The original paintings and photographs are mostly sourced from emerging and mid career artists in New York. Artsicle’s artists sell their work on the site for as low as $200 and as high as $2,000.

The target market of the service seems to tap into the individuals whom have not collected much art due to high cost of owning an artwork and lack of knowledge and experience in owing them. According to Artsicle CEO Alexis Tryon, Artsicle provides an opportunity for people “to live with the work over a longer period of time before deciding to commit”. In my opinion, making art accessible to individuals financially, logistically and practically are the advantages of Artsicle as well.

The interactive and very easy to navigate website strikes my attention most. Unlike many Sydney commercial art galleries websites which look dated and counter intuitive, this website is like an exquisite cupcake, presented in the spotlight. You know exactly what you are getting and they make it so easy for you. Everything you need to know about the works are grouped together at one place: a nice sharp image, artwork statement, artist bio and most importantly, the cost to rent and the cost to buy.

Source: Artsicle

Artwork caption: Lori Kirkbride, Untitiled, $25/month (rent)




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