Sydney: Free music download to increase participation of a charity marathon

I spot this exciting music initiative at Sydney: the Sydney beloved marathon event, City2Surf, has offered free music download for everybody. This initiative is not so different from something I wrote in my first blog “London: Free Music to Enhance Airport Express Journey”. In both events, music is used in a creative way to enhance the experience of a totally different business, which both the music artists and the partner business benefit from the collaboration.

There are 8 tracks from Those Usual Suspects, Bobby Vena, Chris Arnott and more are featured in the City2Surf playlist and it is open to download for everybody for free.

Onelove, an Australian record labels company is behind this initiative. What a smart idea from them! For those people who are not familiar with City2Surf, it is the world’s largest run, with 85,000 registered participants in 2011 – a greater number than the London and New York Marathons combined. The course is a 14km race from Hyde Park in Sydney’s CBD to the finish at spectacular Bondi Beach. The event aims to raise funds for more than 600 charities in Australia. Last year $3.5 million were raised from this one single running event. Onelove, in the end, will get their names known to the 85,000 participants (if not more), and pocket the kudos of being associated with this highly profile charity act.

Of course City2Surf will benefit from the collaboration as well: who don’t love nice music or anything for free? With the playlist still available for three days after the event has finished, it surely draws crowd’s attention for a prolonged period of time.

I think what is beautiful about these two creative music initiatives is it looks at how people listen to music, or in other words, in what scenarios music has been enjoyed: while you are commuting (in London’s case), and while you are jogging (in Sydney’s case). If you nail that, it guarantees the proposal you have is a value adding one for the partner business, and the chance of a healthy collaboration is maximised.

Music has been enjoyed in lots of different ways besides on a train or on a run. How about listen to music while we are enjoying a meal? Don’t we all do that? The next blog I am preparing is exactly about it. A clever chef in San Francisco is selling recipe and ingrediant box with paring music.

Source: City2Surf


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