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The Brain Break list: listen to “Hallelujah” from Jeff Buckley

  This song is gut wrenchingly beautiful. I see solitude, failed love, separation, devotion and humanity; I see chillingly honesty and breathtakingly beauty. He is one of the most talented singers and guitarists in 1990s and one of the most under publicized one in my mind. Singer: Jeff Buckley Album: Grace Publish: 1993   Advertisements

The brain break list: take a walk at Wendy’s secret garden at Sydney

Created by Australian artist Wendy Whiteley, this is the place to love, loss and renewal, the same energy you need when you create. There are plants, plants and more plants. Natives, exotics, herbs and towering fig trees run along winding gully paths while parrots, gulls, kookaburras, owls and wagtails chatter amidst the flowers and berries. […]